“To play without passion is inexcusable!” Beethoven

Dr. Nancy Jantsch

Voice Lesson Syllabus Spring 2014

Swarthmore College Music Department

Cell phone: 740-507-7433

Website: http://nancyjantsch.musicteacherhelper.com

Email: nancyjantsch@gmail.com

Objective: To develop healthy singing habits through a systematic technical approach, and through learning repertoire that reinforces that approach. The goal is to perform a variety of musical literature intelligently, with the musical expression intended by the composer.

Materials: 1) Your Vocal Guide for technical exercises; 2) All your currently assigned music; 3) A recording device as needed; 4) a 3-ring binder and pencil.

Repertoire: All students will study and memorize a specified number of songs each semester which will be assigned at the first lesson according to ability.

Location: All lessons will be held in the Presser Choral Room in Lang Hall unless arranged otherwise.


1. GENERAL RULES: Be prompt, prepared, and armed with the required materials for each lesson.

2. PRACTICE LOG: Keep track of practice time during the week, and total the time for your lesson so that I can record it on your lesson record sheet. Plan a regular practice time of at least 30-60 minutes 5-6 times a week on your assigned lesson material. This should include a 10-15 minute warm-up reviewing the technical exercises we have worked on, as well as the remainder time on learning repertoire. Remember, your body is your instrument, so your rate of progress will be directly affected by how much time you regularly spend on your singing. You can count the time you spend working on Song Sheets as part of your lesson preparation.

3. SONG INFORMATION SHEETS: An information sheet will be filled out for each song that you are assigned. They are due mid-term on the week of March 18-20. You can email them to me or hand them in for me to check at your lesson. This document will be the outline for the MUS48 paper which is due April 15th. Please check the web site for the requirements.

4. SONG MEMORIZATION: All assigned songs will be checked for memorization at the end of the semester. 4-5 minutes of song material will be chosen to perform at the end of the semester for juries and recitals. We will decide on this repertoire as we work during the semester.

5. JURIES: MU 48 students will be evaluated by the faculty on 4-5 minutes of the song material prepared during the semester at your jury. This semester the juries will be scheduled on Tuesday, May 7th. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the Music Dept. bulletin board, 4th floor Lang Music Building.

6. ATTENDENCE: We are scheduled for ten 60-minute lessons this semester. Please notify me as soon as possible if you are not able to attend your scheduled lesson both by texting me at 740-507-7433 and by email at nancyjantsch@gmail.com. You are excused from a lesson only if you have a legitimate excuse. If you have a sore throat or cold, there may be other musical or language issues we can deal with. If you are contagious, running a fever, or vomiting our time will be rescheduled, but please let me know! If I am sitting in the studio waiting for you and you do not show your time will not be made up. I will always have my phone, so text me! If you are incapacitated and have notified me in a timely way, I will schedule a make-up lesson with you. If for some reason I cannot be at Swarthmore during a scheduled time, I will let you know by email and text and will reschedule a time. I am scheduling 11 lesson times, so excused lessons can be made up during the extra time slots.


1)Master Class with David Kravitz, Swat '86 on Saturday, March 29th at 1-3pm in Lang Concert Hall. See his web site at www.davidkravitz.com

2)Studio Class for all students will be held on Thursday, April 3rd at 6pm in Presser. Each student will perform a musical theater or jazz piece with CD accompaniment, sharing the background of their piece with the class

3)Fall Voice Recital: Wednesday, April 30th at 7:30pm in Lang Concert Hall

8. SCHEDULE: I will be teaching on Tues., Wed., and Thurs. this semester. Please mark your calendar:

Lesson 1: Jan. 28-30

Lesson 2: Feb. 4-6

Lesson 3: Feb. 11-13

Lesson 4: Feb. 18-20

Lesson 5: Feb. 25-27

No Lessons: Mar. 4-6

Spring break: No lessons Mar. 11-13

Lesson 6: Mar. 18-20 (Song Sheets and Lesson $ are due this week)

Lesson 7: Mar. 25-27

Master Class with David Kravitz Sat. Mar. 29th 1-3pm

Lesson 8: Apr. 1-3; Studio Class Thurs. Apr. 3rd 6pm Presser

Lesson 9: Apr. 8-10; (Fetter Concerts Fri. Apr. 11, 8pm, and Sat. Apr. 12, 3pm & 8pm)

No Lessons: Apr. 15-17; MU 48 Paper due April 15th  - See the website for details.

Lesson 10: Apr. 22-24

Sunday April 27, 7:30pm, Choral Concert

Lesson 11: Apr. 29-30 

Spring Voice Recital: Wednesday April 30th, 7:30pm, Lang CH

Juries: Tuesday, May 7th, 10:30-12- Sign-up sheet posted 4th floor Lang 1 week prior

9. GRADING: MU48 is a 0.5 credit pass/fail course. To successfully complete this course you must: Attend 10 lessons, have prepared all required materials including song sheets, song memorization, MUS48 paper, jury and/or recital performance, and shown an attitude of discipline and openness to new ideas.

***Please let me know if you have a disability or medical condition that will affect your participation in any aspect of this class.